rev. lane cobb

Reverend Lane Cobb is an interfaith inter-spiritual minister residing in Baltimore, Maryland. An author and spiritual life coach, Rev. Cobb is especially committed to helping women enlighten their minds and empower their lives so they can ignite their passion, live their purpose, and achieve their greatest potential. She is a recipient of The Mayor's Award for Building Up Baltimore, has served as a Foster Care Child Advocate in Howard County, MD and continues to be a resource for people of all races, cultures, genders and religious affiliations who are seeking a deeper connection to their spiritual source.

After receiving her ordination from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York, Rev. Cobb met with Dr. Brad Braxton, founding senior pastor of The Open Church, who invited her to join the church as an associate minister. Inspired by TOC's commitment to interfaith collaboration, Rev. Cobb is grateful to have received the love and support of TOC's diverse and open-minded membership, who inspire her to step into her calling daily.

Rev. Cobb is the oldest of three children born to James and Mary Cobb of Tarrytown, NY. Raised in a multi-racial, multi-cultural community and informed by her Unitarian Universalist upbringing, she holds tight to the belief that people are more alike than different and that the role of faith leaders is to raise the collective consciousness so we can grow and develop as a species.

Rev. Cobb has written two books including  Heal Your Power, Heal Your Life: Essential Healing Strategies for Women on the Rise which offers spiritual guidance to help women love and accept themselves unconditionally, express themselves authentically, and live their best life. Her clients include authors, entrepreneurs, and transformational leaders who are committed to harnessing their authentic power to make an impact in the world.

Rev. Cobb believes that when women share their stories, they heal each other, their families and their communities, and designs programs and workshops for organizations that support personal and professional development. A proponent of feminist theory, her program "Next Steps to Freedom" helps women gather strength and insight from their collective experience so they can transcend trauma and move away from negativity and dysfunction toward positive vision and affirmative action.

In both writing and speaking, Rev. Cobb shares her personal challenges to help others heal, grow, and thrive. Her book Be Your Biggest Champion: A Self-Esteem Guide for Teen Girls helps young girls overcome adverse childhood experiences so they can develop self-esteem and self-advocacy skills, discover their gifts, embrace their uniqueness, and accept themselves exactly as they are. It is currently being used as a curriculum guide by girls' empowerment organizations in New York and Maryland.

Rev. Cobb is committed to being of service to all who seek guidance and direction. She can be contacted at