The Open Church seeks to glorify God and edify the world through

radically inclusive love, courageous social justice activism, and compassionate interfaith collaboration.



The Open Church is a sacred place where those who are hurting, confused, and in need can find healing and hope, regardless of color, 

culture, or creed.

It is a wide place where "Abraham's Family" - Christians, Jews, and Muslims - can dialogue with Buddhists and Baha'is and where Hindus can dialogue with Humanists.

The Open Church is a joyful place where children, seniors, migrant workers, people experiencing homelessness, and scholars eagerly learn from and teach one another.

It is a safe place where varied ethnic groups and capabilities, genders and sexual identities, social and economic groups gather in peace to break bread at Christ's Communion Table, as we break down stereotypes.

As sacred siblings born to our Heavenly Father who is Divine Mother of us all, we practice radically inclusive love that proclaims and builds up the "kin-dom of God."