The role of the technology at "The Open Church" (TOC) has changed from its original use as an administrative tool to a universal  communication tool facilitating the exchange of both internal and external information and services.

Through broadband connections we envision the merging of evolving new media technologies and "the flow of content" across multiple media platforms.  We expect to utilize various multiple media resources, and provide for the transitional activity of our media based audiences who seek the kinds of spiritual encouragement, spiritual influence and spiritual entertainment experiences they desire to embrace 24/7.

From this point forward TOC will continue to evolve with five areas of convergence: technological, social, cultural, global and spiritual.  Our belief is  that convergence, simply put, is how the general public will interact with TOC technologies on a spiritual and social level on various media platforms.  

We look forward to a great connection between you and TOC and plan that you will experience great things in the forthcoming future.  Experience our hospitality, our joy, and spiritual awareness on any one of your favorite platforms and 'expect great things to happen'. 

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